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In this section, you'll find some information on my writing.  It's fairly sparse right now, as I'm having trouble creating PDFs, but rest assured this section will grow in the future.

Published Works

The Dragon (in PDF format)
Published in CRYPTO: Dractonology Special, winter 2001
A short story about a 19th century ship's encounter with a sea monster.

Burundi's Child Soldiers (in PDF format)
Published by York University Press, 2005

Unpublished Works

Circle In the Sand, proposal (in PDF format)
A proposal done for a university class in Canadian constitutional law.  The idea was that rather than cranking out yet another essay, I would present both sides of an argument in comic book form.  Surprisingly, the proposal was enthusiatically accepted.  The full comic will be available here shortly.

Circle in the Sand (in PDF format)
Available shortly.