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Welcome to the home of Jim Harnock and Orca Design Studios.

LATEST UPDATE 18 March 2009
 - 3 images added to the 2D gallery
 - 2 images added to Sketchbook

PREVIOUS UPDATE 8 February 2009
 - Revamped the entire site
 - Added sketchbook gallery
 - Added writing section
 - Added about two-dozen images

After many false starts and coding problems, the new website is finally online!  I'd like to say it's fully operational, but I am still trying to work out a few bugs.  This site is a pared down version of what I originally intended -- I was tired of delay after delay, so I simplified everything in the interest of actually getting it done.

Anyway, weclome to the website!  Via the menu above, you can explore the various areas of the site, including three galleries.  All galleries are up-to-date, so the items you find at the top of each represents the most recent work I have completed in the respective category.

There is still some information missing under Art For Sale and Contact Info, which I will be adding in the coming weeks.

Note to IE users:  this site was designed for Firefox, so there may be some display problems using Internet Explorer.  I have solved the major ones, but I can't promise that you won't experience some minor glitches.