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This is where you can learn a little bit about Jim and ODS.

Jim Harnock is an award-winning artist and designer based in Burlington, Ontario, who has been working under the name Orca Design Studios since 2002.  He has done design work for non-profit entities, technology companies and newspaper publishers and his artwork has been featured in one book and used in promotional material for two software companies.

And now I'll leave the third-person stuff behind.

I love drawing.  Always have.  In fact, under the "2D Artwork" menu link, you can find one of the oldest drawings I still have -- a lovely sketch of C3PO and R2 D2 done in red Crayola marker.  I think I was about 5 when I did it.  I can also remember long afternoons spent with my friends in their garage (plenty of room to work -- a one-car family with a two-car garage) working on our own comics.  Yes, they were... not terribly well plotted.  But they were fun.  The two I remember enjying most were ones for which I did several different issues: Hammer & Nail being the adventures of an anthropomorphic hammer and nail (as you may have guessed from the title), and Zow the Space Ninja which I have a strong urge to revisit now.

But I digress.

Having been able to keep drawing and to even make a bit of money from it has been great and has saved my sanity many times.  This site is just my little corner of the net, dedicated to my love of artwork and to serve as a repository of my creations going forward.

Writing has also long been a love of mine and I have thankfully improved greatly since the Hammer & Nail days.  I'll be keeping a section of the site dedicated to my writing as well.  Current projects will not be available there for obvious reasons, but some of my older works and some of my published works will be.

Enjoy your visit and thanks for stopping by!