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3D Artwork
In this section, you'll find pieces created using 3D rendering software.  Most also have a significant amount of post-render work done using Photoshop and Deep Paint, but all originate as 3D models.

Newest images are added at the top.

The Eyes

Portraits of Villainy: Mr. Freeze

Portraits of Villainy: The Joker

Portraits of Villainy: Pamela Isley

Portraits of Villainy: Harvey Dent

Hard Candy

Negotiations in Sector 1117

"Look, Sir..."

The Investigation

"Where are you?!"

Predatory Instinct


A Call to Arms

Power of the Dark Side

The Refugees

World's Finest

Running the Gauntlet

The Weary Soldier

In Brightest Day

Sunset Patrol