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2D Artwork
In this gallery, you will find a selection of my 2D pieces.  This section includes both traditional media -- pencil, ink, etc. -- and digital media, as well as several pieces that combine traditional and digital.

Newest images are added at the top.
Wonder Woman inks
Wonder Woman (inks)
The Templar
The Templar
Endor at Night
Endor at Night
Batman 2.0
Dick Grayson as Batman

A Midwinter's Night in Gotham
This City is Afraid of Me
DC Zombies
DC Zombies (collaboration w/Darque Images)
Abby & The Universe
Abby & The Universe
Lady Heromorph 2
Lady Heromorph & the Call of Cthulhu
The Heretic King
The Heretic King
Frankenstein's Monster
Frankenstein's Monster
LAdy Heromorph: Power
Lady Heromorph: Power

The Demon Etrigan

Lara Croft

Frank Castle


Wonder Woman Redesign

Aquaman Redesign


Crhistmas Card 2007

Edmonton Oilers Jersey Concept

Deathly Hallows

Wolverine in Red

Two Face (colours)

Two Face (inks)

The Question

Tooney Star Wars

The Dark Knight

Jersey Devil

Creepy Bastard

The Ithorian Master


The Lion Rampant

Mr. H. Potter & Friends


Glory Days

Zod Severus

The Last Son

In the Footsteps of Giants


This is CNN 2

This is CNN

Karloff the Uncanny

Bad Nun


C3PO & R2-D2, circa 1980